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How to change a Facebook page name with more than 200 likes – proven tip!

Officialy Facebook doesn’t allow a page owner to change tha name of the page if the page has more than 200 likes. Recently I was in the need to change such a name for a page with 710 likes. I googled for a solution but it was impossible to apply one. Than I stumbled upon the suggestion to write to the support of the Ads section, asking for help, telling them that I can’t advertise my page with my current name and that I need to change it (and specifiying the new name).

This is what I did and, well well, the name of the page was changed in less than 24 hours.

If you don’t have an advertiser account, you can open up one from here:

Then click on the ‘Email support’ link and describe your issue specifying that:

  • you can’t adverti$e the page with the current name;
  • you are the legal owner of the busine$$, and provide $ome online reference$ in $upport of this $tatement;
  • you will put in $ome money only if the name of the page will be …;
  • thank you very much, re$pectfully etc.


Is October 26 the day of Panda 2.6 update?

Are we in the middle of the Panda 2.6 update? Ironically, today is October 26.

‘Cause I’m seeing right now a huge improvement on one website that was quite severely penalized by Panda 2.5.

The only change that I made on it was to improve the bounce rate, as I was counselling here (yup, with some simple design tricks anyone can improve this parameter). Before the Panda 2.5 the bounce rate was constantly around 85%, now it is constantly around 75%. Of course, by improving the bounce rate automatically I improved the page views stats, too.

Now, since this morning, I’m seeing on this website some 25-30% extra traffic, which is very encouraging. In fact, taking into account that Panda updates are coming approximately once per month, it is about time for Google to rollout the Panda 2.6 update.

In the next hours and days we’ll find out more about this.

Google Panda 2.5: how to recover?

Trying to find out some valuable advice regarding the recovery after Panda 2.5, one will find a lot of bullshit advices on the lot of blogs of the so-called SEO experts: have quality content, don’t spam Google, don’t enter in spammy link schemes etc.

The usual bullshit. Blah blah.

Unfortunately, the Panda update is much more difficult to deal with, because, as I said here, Google started to consider into its algorithm some usage factors that normally aren’t under the webmaster’s direct influence. Technically, to recover from Panda you should:

  • try to keep the users more time on your website; try to engage them somehow (maybe with movies?… online games?… p%rn pictures?…);
  • try to make the users to visualise more pages; more page-views / user is better (you should split the content into several sub-pages – I know this sounds totally anti-Panda 1.0, but it seems that Google now has a different view than 1 year ago);
  • try to make the user to return to your website several times after the initial visit coming from a search; with every search visit, Google places cookies in the user’s browser and then tracks the returning rate, which then uses as an indicator of a website’s value;
  • try to lower the bounce-rate.

Don’t forget: Google has a lot of usage tracking mechanisms. Analytics, Chrome browser, search cookies, social media sharing monitoring etc. … you really can’t trick Google into thinking that your website is more beloved by the users than it really does.

Good luck with your Panda 2.5 recovery!