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Best tips for Swamp Attack (the Android game)

I recently stumbled upon a hugely addictive game: Swamp Attack. Swamp Attack can be downloaded for both Iphones and Android phones. As an Android phone owner, I’m playing the version downloaded from Google’s market.

It seems that a lot of people have started to notice this game, and this is why they started to share tips and tricks about Swamp Attack. However, although I read everything, I didn’t find the tips that I will share below.

Tip #1. What are the best levels to get extra money?

In Swamp Attack the main character sits in the front of his house and shots everything moving on the screen. All the ammunition is limited, no matter the weapon used, except the main shotgun, which has infinite bullets. So, the trick is to identify those past levels where you can gather the biggest amount of coins by using the shotgun only. The coins are precious because they can be used to improve the weapons and house’s structure.

From my experience, those levels are 1-17 and 3-12. Watch below two screenshots illustrating every level:

Level 1-17: you have to kill a lot of crocodiles. It's very easy with an upgraded shotgun.

Level 3-12: kill the mosquitos and their monster. No problemo.

The first level will bring 7-800 coins everytime one will complete it, while the second level will easily bring over 1000 coins, even 1100 coins in exceptional circumstances (the giant mosquito worths 250 points and it’s easy to kill him).  It means that with a session of 7-8 games one will easily gather over 5000 coins.

Compared with these two levels, the Quick Games are sometimes difficult and hard to manage, and the quantity of coins is very limited.

Beside the coins, these levels often offer at least one or two free gifts, so it’s better to know the second tip:

Tip #2. When playing just for coins those levels, be sure that you display on the screen only the most expensive weapons.

The free gifts are always selected from the weapons that you own on the screen. So, there is no need to have dynamites or molotov cocktails (which are very cheap and can be easily bought). Try instead to get free batteries, acid rains and other expensive weapons. Thus, you will save a lot of coins that can be invested in upgrades or big quantities from other weapons.

In order to de-activate some cheap weapons, go to Shop and press the weapon’s icon on the right. The shotgun is the only weapon that can’t be de-activated.

Enjoy the game!