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Do follow rules

Ok guys, dofollow links are alive on this blog since the very beginning, but I submitted my blog to some dofollow directories only 48 hours ago. And I’m already forced to change the posting rules. Here are the new rules:

  • This blog is dofollow and will remain dofollow because I think that the original spirit of the internet is expressed in dofollow links, not nofollow.
  • However, I will not accept keywords in anchor links. Please post with a name (eg. “Tom”, “John”, “Jimmy” etc.) otherwise I will modify your nickname. If you don’t want to show your name, no problem: you can sign as “domain”.
  • The above rule should be taken into consideration by all the people, including those who have explicit domain names, such as “”. Just sign with a human name and I will treat you humanly.

So, don’t try to fool me, I’m more vigilant than you think. But let’s see now why I’m not accepting your keywords in my comments?

As  you probably know, one of the most important factors that Google takes into consideration when assesing a page are the anchor texts of outgoing links. So please understand that I will not allow a page that I want to see on top after keyword: “twitter marketing sucks” polluted with links such as: “seattle movers”, “childhood obesity facts” etc. You are doing SEO, I’m doing SEO, so let’s build a win-win situation, right?