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How to find very sure “sure bets”

I think that everyone knows something about “sure bets”. These are bets that, no matter who will win, you will gain. Of course, it’s quite impossible to find such bets at the same betting house, but you can bet on a quote at a bookmaker, and on another quote at another bookmaker.

However, I’ve uncovered the most easiest method to play on “sure bets”. It involves some risks, but it is quite sure. The secret is to combine pre-match bets with live bets. Let’s say we have a match with the following quotes:

1: 3,20 | X: 3,20 | 2: 2,10

Ok, let’s suppose that we want to bet 100$. We all know that if we bet 33.33% on each result, we will lose. If we try to equally share the risks, we will equally lose. In order to win we should have something like this:

1: 3,20 | X: 5,25 | 2: 2,10

But of course, no bookmaker will offer us such a wonderful opportunity. No bookmaker, except the bookmakers offering live betting!

Whoever plays live betting knows that the quotes are stable only as long as the result remains 0-0. However, statistically speaking, the 0-0 is the most rare football result. This means that when a team will score, the live X quote will instantly move from 3,20 to over 5,25. And that’s it! Place the bet and you will surely won something!

But remember, you must enter in the live bet having already placed separate bets on 1 and on 2 (or just place a bet on 1 or 2, if possible).  And your bets must be arbitraged. Just open an Excel and do the math. So, the secret is to bet on 1 and 2 and simply wait for the X quote during the live bet to become “sure bet”!

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