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How to put movies on Sciphone?

Ok, so in my review of the Chinese phone Sciphone I9+++, I was telling you that I wasn’t able to discover how to play the movies, other than the bad quality movies taken with the built-in camera. Now Iknow.

The key is to convert the movies to mp4 format and 177 x 144 size. That’s pretty ridiculous because the screen is huge, 320 x 240, and a movie which is 177 x 144 will become pixelated – but, at least, it will work.

The movies can be converted with the Super tool from Eright Soft:

Now, a little bonus. In addition to the review I must say that I have discovered a new interesting function of this phone: call recording. Simply put, the phone can record any conversation you have. As far as I know, this is avoided by the other phone manufacturers because of privacy concerns. But the Sciphone works great as a mobile phone with recording facility.

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