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Romania, the Haiti from inside the EU

Under Traian Basescu’s presidency, Romania became the first dictatorship inside the EU. Here are the facts:

  • Basescu controls all the secret services. Romania has now more “securitate” officers than under the Ceausescu’s regime, while hospitals cannot offer even an aspirin!
  • Basescu was re-elected by massive fraud on 6 December 2009. Officialy, he lost the elections that took place inside the Romania’s borders by a narrow margin, but he was the “clear” winner of the elections that took place outside Romania. In embassies. Of course, all embassies were controled by his men!
  • Romanian economy is governed by Basescu’s free will. In December 2004, in the very second day of his office, Basescu declared that Romanian fiscal system will drop the progressive tax and adopt a flat tax, despite the fact that preliminary studies showed that Romania cannot sustain such a tax. Starting with 2007, big spending deficits arised and now Romania is virtualy a bankrupted country. On May 6, 2010, during the negociations with IMF, Basescu announced that all the State salaries will be cut with 25% and all the pensions with 15% in order to cope with the spending deficits. Studies – and common sense! – showed that such mesures will make Romania’s depression even deeper.
  • His will is beyond people’s will, Constitution and Parliament. When general elections took place in 2008, Social Democrat Party won the elections but he decided to nominate the prime minister from Democratic Party (his party). The Parliament voted against Emil Boc’s government on 12 September 2009, however Boc is still the Prime Minister today, on June 2010. In fact, Traian Basescu is de facto the Prime Minister of Romania. Whatever he says, Boc will execute.
  • The Parliament under Basescu’s rule is nothing more than a cheap theatre. Yesterday they voted several times the same resolution until 2 AM. Finally the vote’s result was as needed by Basescu.
  • Like any good dictator, he wants to shock. Caligula nominated his horse in the Senate. Basescu helped his daughter, who is notoriously stupid, to get a place in the European Parliament.

Romania is the second most poorest country in the EU. Our priorities should be the development of roads, a better public health system, a more focused educational system (in Romania, the school has nothing in common with the economy). Instead of these Romania, like Papa Doc’s Haiti, is spending a lot of money on “securitate” services. I really think that this guy will end like Ceausescu or, if not, he will be forced in a couple of years to fly to Paraguay or some other South American country.

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