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Betting psychology :)

Ok, so in 3 days, playing with the system, I’ve almost doubled the bank (from 45 to 82 RON) then I’ve lost 95% of my gain betting on a single match, but outside the system :) It’s time for some conclusions.

  1. The biggest problem of a gambling addicted (like myself!) is to refrain himself from betting. :) I was perfectly aware that the match Stabaek vs. Tonberg FK doesn’t fit in the system (so it’s risky), however I decided to bet. If you want to make money from the bookies, you must perfectly manage the art of refrain.
  2. The bookmakers know that the average gambler either will play small stakes on big quotes, or big stakes on small, “sure” quotes, in order to ensure a nice gain. The bookmakers knows that the gambler simply wants to earn a lot of money. If you want to earn something, you will have to understand this! So, what’s the most logical way to earn something? Betting big money on big quotes? Of course not. Instead of this, you should try to bet small on small quotes, but make it several times on a row.

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