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How to change a Facebook page name with more than 200 likes – proven tip!

Officialy Facebook doesn’t allow a page owner to change tha name of the page if the page has more than 200 likes. Recently I was in the need to change such a name for a page with 710 likes. I googled for a solution but it was impossible to apply one. Than I stumbled upon the suggestion to write to the support of the Ads section, asking for help, telling them that I can’t advertise my page with my current name and that I need to change it (and specifiying the new name).

This is what I did and, well well, the name of the page was changed in less than 24 hours.

If you don’t have an advertiser account, you can open up one from here:

Then click on the ‘Email support’ link and describe your issue specifying that:

  • you can’t adverti$e the page with the current name;
  • you are the legal owner of the busine$$, and provide $ome online reference$ in $upport of this $tatement;
  • you will put in $ome money only if the name of the page will be …;
  • thank you very much, re$pectfully etc.


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