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Is October 26 the day of Panda 2.6 update?

Are we in the middle of the Panda 2.6 update? Ironically, today is October 26.

‘Cause I’m seeing right now a huge improvement on one website that was quite severely penalized by Panda 2.5.

The only change that I made on it was to improve the bounce rate, as I was counselling here (yup, with some simple design tricks anyone can improve this parameter). Before the Panda 2.5 the bounce rate was constantly around 85%, now it is constantly around 75%. Of course, by improving the bounce rate automatically I improved the page views stats, too.

Now, since this morning, I’m seeing on this website some 25-30% extra traffic, which is very encouraging. In fact, taking into account that Panda updates are coming approximately once per month, it is about time for Google to rollout the Panda 2.6 update.

In the next hours and days we’ll find out more about this.

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12 Responses to “Is October 26 the day of Panda 2.6 update?”

  • I like the fact that google releases a new version of Panda every month or so. It keeps all the SEO guys on their toes, and seems to hurt most the ones that do the worst quality work.

  • If Google doesn’t want my business, maybe I need to move to Facebook? Facebook is where it’s at these days anyway, right?

  • Lets Panda update regularly every months, just keep update our website with quality content and natural link building..everythings will gonna be allright, cheers Agusm-Bali

  • gabi:

    is the best article I have ever read .. it helped me very much thank you.

  • Hi bud! Try to write article with more words. I realized that aticles now have to be 300 words minimum, otherwise google thinks the post is pure spam. Cya :)

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  • interesting article, funny thing is if google didn’t worry so much about penalising anything they would probally do better with pay per click, ie searchers would choose to click on the paid advertising rather than trawl through a pile of rubbish

  • Yeah!! I agree. This Panda update has so many SEO guys running around. It really came as a suprise but luckily it hasn’t affected all of the SEO Pune techniques so that gives people time to get their acts together.

  • I really dont like the latest Panda Update! I think it will affect way to many blogs that currently rank well in google.

  • SEO is fun, we are the most important of our posts with regular updates and routine, make visitors linger with what we write in the blog, I usually write a blog by bringing readers like we’re talking. It’s just my 2cent :)

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