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Air cooler vs. air conditioner: an opinion

I was recently in the need to find a cooling solution for a small room (20 sq.m, approx. 215 sq. feet), not too overheated, and I was considering buying an air conditioner. But taking into account that an air conditioner it’s a pretty expensive solution, I searched for an alternative and thus I discovered the evaporative air cooler (EAC), which promises to be a cheaper air refreshing solution. Despite the fact that online reviews weren’t very positive, I said to myself: “What the hell!”, and I decided to buy one (the exact model is Romix CO20).  It costed me only approx. 60 euros. At this price, it looked like a bargain.

Now, after a week of usage, here are my findings:

  • Don’t buy it if your room is really hot, because this small appliance will not improve the room’s temperature. I’ve use it with a big block of ice but the inside temperature remained absolutely the same. Not a single degree in minus. It just doesn’t cool the air.
  • What this appliance really does, is to increase the level of humidity in the room. In my room the level of humidity was quite low, 37%, and thus the air felt very hot and dry. When this appliance started to work, the air became instantly fresh and pleasant. Although the real temperature wasn’t lowering, the body was feeling much better.

Some people say that this EAC is nothing more than an overpriced cooler, but they are wrong. A cooler doesn’t improve the level of air humidity (relative humidity). I would compare the evaporative air cooler’s effect with the effect of a waterfall in the mountains, in a warm, sunny day. I suppose that anyone has seen at least once in a lifetime such a waterfall, and knows how pleasant the air is around it.

So, in conclusion, if your needs are limited, you can try the evaporative air cooler. I would say, if the temperature in the room doesn’t go over 26-27° C / 78-79° F, and the humidity is low, you can give it a try.  Otherwise, buy an air conditioning – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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7 Responses to “Air cooler vs. air conditioner: an opinion”

  • Air conditioner is better than a Air cooler.
    Because its cooling speed is faster than a Air Cooler.
    I know its pretty expensive but cooler does not work as air conditioner.

  • Livux:

    Actually, the comfort is increased (we have a sensation of lower temperature) when the humidity is decreased.

  • Desi:

    Air Conditioner and Air cooler cool really in the same way, its just and Air cooler lower temp of air and Air conditioner lowers temp in air and also takes moisture out of the air by lowering the air to its dewpoint and condensing the water out. So it cools the air and dries the air as well.
    So whatever suits you best.
    Although I would buy the Air conditioner myself.

  • Mike:

    For increasing the level of humidity better to buy a humififier. It puts moisture back into the air.

  • I think it comes down to budgets. If your need for money outwieghs your need for comfort, buy the cheaper option. If comfort is more important than extra money, get the actual air conditioning unit. It all depends on individual circumstance.

  • I used to be suggested this blog by my cousin. I’m not positive whether or not this post is written through him as no one else recognize such targeted about my trouble. You are amazing! Thanks!

  • Nice analysis. The swamp cooler I had would only lower the temp a degree and then shoot the humidity up to 100%. AC units are the way to go.