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Google unveils the new Adsense interface

Google Adsense has a new interface. I like the new design, which resembles more with the other Google products: Adwords, Analytics etc.

The information is organised in 4 big tabs: “Home”, “My Ads”, “Allow and block ads”, “Performance reports”.

Under  the “Home” tabs you can see a short summary of the account. Like in the previous version of the interface one can see the earnings over the day, the last 7 days and so on. There are also some links towards important areas, such as Payment, Messages, Account settings, Resources. This areas were subject to a simple redesign.

The “My Ads” tab is a simple redesign, too, of the area that lets you define and modify ad units in the previous interface.

The user experience is better addressed with the new interface.

But the true innovative factors appear with the other tabs. With “Allow and block ads” tab one can have a fast view over the running ads and can block and allow the ads or the publishers with a single click. It’s much more convenient and easy to use than in the previous version.

A big change can be seen under the ‘Performance’ tab. Now, Google shows us graphics. The graphics are highly relevant, with data about channels, displayed ad types (text, flash, dynamic, image, html) and many more. Thus, you can see very relevant data, such as click through rate (CTR) with every type of ad. Data can be drilled down with CTR of ad types over URL channels. This is a big step further!

In short, the new interface is definitely a nice improvement and it’s worth exploring the new options. I’m sure that the new data can help any publisher to improve his ads performance and earn more from his Adsense account.

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