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Scribd is useless

I used to use Scribd. Both for reading and posting. Not very often, maybe a couple of documents every 2-3 months. It’s useless now.

In the old version I was able to use it with every browser. Now it cannot be used with Opera. I am an Opera addict, so I cannot use Scribd. When you try to read a document, the document will simply not show.

Nevermind. I tried to use Internet Explorer 8. Sorry, I cannot read on screen such a document.

So, I tried do download it. I clicked on the green button and a modal popup appeared, inviting me to login with my Facebook account. Ok, no problem. I have not 1, but 3 Facebook accounts: one it’s my personal account, another one is a fake account created especially for such login purposes (and to keep my online activity private!) and the last one, also a bogus account… just in case. So, I tried to log in with the “forlogin” account. Apparently it worked, but when I tried to download again the document the application asked me one more time to login. Unfortunately, Facebook login doesn’t works with Scribd (and I tried with Opera, too).

Nevertheless, I opened a normal account. It was very easy (no confirmation required) and in few seconds I was able again to press on the green button. But to my surprise I stil wasn’t able to download the document. The modal popup told me that I must upload a document before the download – otherwise I have to pay for it. Ok, I started to upload a document, something about CSS3+HTML5. When the upload was finished the screen inviting me “to pay or to upload” disappeared and only a modal window with the message “Download as .pdf / .txt” remained. I was very happy, almost thinking that my download should start in few seconds. Instead of this, a new page displaying the same unreadable document opened up. In the page’s head was written: “You must pay or upload a document.”

Fuck you, Scribd.

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