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Writting lens on Squidoo

Free content websites like Squidoo are a great source of getting backlinks and, why not, visitors. I definitely recommend for any business to build a Squidoo profile.

Squidoo pages are called “lens”, but in fact Squidoo is nothing more than a wikipedia. Anyone can write anything. But unlike Wikipedia, the posting process is very easy and the content can be corrected or changed only by the original poster, the “lensmaster”.  This is why we can find on Squidoo several pages covering the same topic:

Squidoo also lets you insert videos, RSS feeds and many more, so the final product will truly be very informative, nice to read, easy to understand. Then you can promote the page either on Squidoo itself or through external links and websites.

For example, this is the page that I’ve write for PinBud: . As anyone can see I was able to insert a lot of content and the page looks so well now, that we’ll use it as an online flyer.

Squidoo links are do-follow, so they are adding some link juice to your website. Other free webpage builders are Hubpages and Wetpaint. However, avoid to duplicate your content over and over.

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