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Twitter as a marketing tool? It sucks!

I really don’t understand the recent twitter fever. Twitter is one of the most useless and stupid internet websites ever created. Put a message in 140 characters and throw it away. Ok, so? WTF is this?! Why don’t we use a SMS for this?!

Ok, ok, the idea is that, unlike the SMS’s, tweets can be seen by anyone. I understand this. And having said this, I understand also that Twitter is a tool for voyeurs and exhibitionists, isn’t it?

I have 4 Twitter accounts, all business related. The best of them has ~300 followers. These 300 followers are useless, and let me tell you why. We can express the interest that a follower manifests in your tweets by a ratio between his/her accounts and the number of the accounts that he/she follows.

Let’s suppose that you have 2 followers, John and Jimmy. They both have only one twitter account. But John follows 30 accounts and Jimmy follows 5000 accounts.

We can express their interest towards your tweets as follows: John has an interest of 1/30=3.33%, while Jimmy has an interest of 1/5000=0.02%. Your tweets are basically non interesting for Jimmy. In fact, Jimmy is not interested in any of the accounts that he’s following. On the other hand, John has a little interest in your tweets.

Now, make an exercise: go to your Twitter account and browse your followers. See how many people your followers follow. A lot, isn’t it? Simply put, your pity tweets will be lost in an ocean of indiferrence. As you get more followers, your message will become more and more lost in this ocean.

The only legit use of such stupid tool it’s in publishing vouchers and coupons. Yeah, this works pretty well, but only with big brands that can have something massive to offer. Dell. Vodafone. Nike. Apple. Etc. Global brands. If you have a little translations company and you need clients, don’t waste your time with a Twitter account. It’s useless.

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10 Responses to “Twitter as a marketing tool? It sucks!”

  • It’s useless but give good on cv. To have no 300 but 300k will be ok I supose and you will receive a little more traffic on your site. They help you look good:)

  • I think twitter works quite well for customer service needs.

  • admin:

    Yes, I agree.

    And it works well for its original goal: keeping in (minimal) touch with friends and relatives.

    By the way, if you want another backlink, then go and submit your profile here:,%20WA . Then get some positive reviews, become proud of yourself and display the 5* badge on your website.

  • Somehow, Twitter has a purpose in which I’m not totally aware of it. It is just like some members support to my feed, and they receive instant updates on my status when I submit an entry. So obviously, it shows that this social site pitched toward a broader crowd. Actually, twitter helped in a way that most people didn’t acknowledge.

  • tom:

    Twitter is a fantastic tool in giving your brand a voice and a personality. Being successful in Twittering, you will have to put forth your personality and a unique style. That’s what makes the difference and can increase your Twitter following and make it a successful marketing tool for you.

  • admin:

    “can increase your twitter following”…

    And do what with the followers? :)

    You really think that the followers are following you? Apply my formula and… decide :)

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  • Twitter sucks anyway :) It is stupid toy.

  • I agree I tried to do some marketing with twitter and it just didnt do much of any thing. I have given up on twitter and think it is just a waste of time.

  • Twitter is amiable when it come to social networking. But having this social media as a marketing tool is not a good idea. Thanks for sharing this topic here.